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    Motor soft starter cabinet

    Motor soft starter cabinet

    - Product Brief

    AC squirrel-cage motor soft-start technology, it successfully solved the AC motor starting caused by the larger starting current on the quality of power supply voltage and power supply lines to increase power consumption and impact on mechanical equipment and other issues. JJ1-R series motor soft starting cabinet is an intelligent new product to control the starting and running of three-phase squirrel cage asynchronous motor. It is a high-tech project recommended by the state in the 21st century. JJ1-R Series Motor Soft Starter Cabinet is a well-known brand soft starter as the core components, with contactors and other electrical materials and constitute. Soft starter is a high-performance single-chip microcomputer as the main control core, control high-power SCR module to achieve AC motor soft start, current-limiting start, energy-saving operation, soft stop and other functions. Especially suitable for large flow, high-head pump soft start, soft stop, so as to avoid the impact of water hammer on the motor and pump when the pump stops, greatly prolonging the life of the pump and motor, is the best product to replace the traditional Y-Delta starter, reactance starter, auto-decoupling starter cabinet. JJ1-R series motor soft starting cabinet is designed and manufactured in accordance with the national standard GB7251.1 "Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment" and conforms to the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC298 "AC metal enclosed switchgear and control equipment" standard, meeting the DL402, DL404 standards.

    Typical applications are as follows:

    1. Pump-Use of pump control function, in the start-up and stop, reduce the impact of liquid flow produced by the pump water hammer phenomenon, saving the system maintenance costs.

    2. Ball mill-use double slope voltage starting, reduce gear torque wear, reduce repair workload, save time and cost.

    3. Fan-Use soft starting cabinet to replace the old traditional starter, reduce belt wear and mechanical impact, save maintenance costs.

    4. Compressor-using current limiting or double-slope starting to achieve smooth start, reduce motor heating, prolong service life.

    5. Crusher-Use of stoppage and quick protection to avoid mechanical failure or blockage resulting in motor overheating and burning.

    6. Transportation Machinery - Use soft start and pre-set low-speed operation to achieve a smooth, gradual start-up process to avoid product displacement and liquid overflow.

    The soft starter has the following characteristics:

    1, the use of single-chip digital intelligent control.

    2, starting current, voltage and time can be set flexibly according to different loads, so as to achieve the best current impact.

    3. It provides a smooth and gradual starting process for the motor, reduces the impact of starting current on the power grid, reduces the vibration and noise of the equipment, prolongs the service life of the mechanical transmission system, and improves the labor environment.

    4, starting current can be adjusted according to load to reduce starting loss and generate the best torque with minimum current.

    5, soft parking characteristics greatly extend the life of electrical contacts, and meet the mechanical needs of different occasions.

    6, with overload, lack of equal protection, to ensure the safety of equipment and motor.

    7, free stop and soft stop, soft stop time can be adjusted.

    8, the digital display and RS485 interface are very convenient for users.

    9, the power supply has no phase sequence requirement.

    10. Double power isolation ensures that the control part is free from all kinds of strong electrical interference.

    Two. Scope of application

    This product is suitable for starting and stopping of three-phase squirrel cage induction motor with rated voltage 380V, rated frequency 50Hz, rated current 400A (200KW) and below.

    Three. Working conditions

    Power supply voltage: 380 + 10%, 50Hz

    Applicable motor: three phase squirrel cage asynchronous motor

    Medium temperature: - 15 C ~ +40 C

    Medium humidity: 90% no frost.

    Starting frequency: no more than 12 hours per hour, and the starting interval is longer than 5 minutes.

    Place of use: There is no explosive dangerous medium in the room, and there is not enough gas and conductive dust to corrode metal and destroy insulation in the medium. The ventilation is good.